How to Park in Delhi

The parking situation in this city has been driving us nuts. So much so that we’ve stopped visiting a rather nice coffee shop at the market close to our place because of the parking madness. Since I was in danger of going on a full blown rant, I thought I’d leave you with pictures instead.



But Delhi is certainly not ‘most places’. Oh, no sir!


But wait, that’s not enough. This is after all the land of the rich and the powerful.


The worst part is that if you naively insist on doing the right thing, you’ll get screwed.



And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how to park in Delhi.



3 thoughts on “How to Park in Delhi

  1. But then there is also that other amazing and ridiculous thing where you park badly, leave your handbrake down and car in neutral, so the parking attendants can roll your car around and bump it from place to place like some real life version of a jigsaw puzzle. That city amazes me 🙂


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